12 seater dining tables

Perfect for large family gatherings and intimate dining experiences.

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At Mac&Wood, we make sure that you never need to compromise. For that reason, we make your vision for sumptuous family gatherings and stunning intimate gatherings a reality and offer you our statement 12 seater dining table.

These stunning 12 seater dining tables are built to last and will be able to endure decades of daily use without any damage to their gorgeous design. Perfect for your next dinner party, perfect for everyone in the family, from the youngest tot to the wisest grandparent, perfect for you. We firmly believe that every table from Mac&Wood is made more stunning as time passes by, especially as it soaks up the characteristics of your household, reflecting a little bit more of your lifestyle, day by day. It goes without saying that when you get 12 people together, it’s going to pick up a lot of personality!

Our 12 seat dining tables are completely customisable according to your needs. We always make sure to involve all of our clients in the design process. Our team will be on hand to guide you every step of the way to make sure that the result is exactly as you envisioned.

The 12 seater is the perfect size for intimate dinners and large family gatherings. This statement piece deals away with the hassle and unsightliness of extending leaves and hinges and provides the perfect centrepiece to your home.

It’s time to build memories around this stunning piece of furniture. Imagine being so excited to open the doors to your home, to welcome your loved ones into your home for an unforgettable meal. No longer do you need to pull out that dusty folding patio furniture to seat everyone or consider not inviting someone due to limited space. Thanks to its fusion of beauty and durability, your 12 seater dining table will soon become the crowning treasure of your home.

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