Modern furniture for the office

All designs are available in any of our materials including Reclaimed Wood, Ash, Oak, Copper, Zinc, Dekton and Steel

High quality, long-lasting office furniture for maximum impact.

Mac+Wood has been dedicated to producing luxury furniture for the office since its inception, creating elegant, bespoke meeting room tables and desks which communicate the calibre of a business.

We produce unique furniture with a distinctive vision: impeccable style combined with astonishing performance. Our furniture is an investment for your business which pays off across generations. Often, a desk is more than a simple workstation, it is the centrepiece of the room on which the aesthetic hinges. Our craftsmen bring decades of experience and dedication to the creation of a formidable desk which completes the room.

Our office furniture is built to last and designed for endurance, so it won’t need to be replaced for a very long time. It’s constructed from hand picked and durable materials – reclaimed wood, sturdy ash and character oak, tough copper, steadfast zinc, and scientifically hardened Dekton, paired with reliable steel frames. It can whether the wear and tear which comes with office life.

Every product in our range of office furniture is created entirely from scratch by master furniture craftsmen. At your request, we will send the materials for you to sample, and together choose what best suits your working environment. Our team of craftsmen will then build the item down to each tiny detail you specify.

The end result of our creative process will be a marriage of functionality and style. Whether you work from home, in a creative studio or a client-facing business, our furniture is designed to ensure you create an impact. Whether you’re looking for ash, oak, reclaimed wood, copper, zinc or Dekton, simply submit an enquiry using our quick form and we’ll contact you to get started.