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Dekton dining tables

It’s no exaggeration to say that our Dekton dining tables are made for life – for your life, for your friends and family, for memories, for the future.

Dekton is about to become the founding material of your household, the core of your home. Formed using Sinterized Particle Technology that replicates the natural formation of diamonds, Dekton embodies the exact characteristics of that precious gem: strength, perfection and peerless beauty. In short, it is the ideal material for your home.

Dekton Keranium slab
Dekton Entzo slab
Dekton Entzo and Ash table top

Our vocation is to create exquisite statement pieces tailored to your interior décor vision. With a practically indestructible surface and sleek, modern aesthetics, our Dekton dining tables combine style with permanence. We ensure that quality craftsmanship goes into the making of every single item from Mac&Wood. Close teamwork and refined skills help create signature pieces that will surpass every one of your expectations. With a broad choice of design options, a dining table made by us will immediately become part of your home and family life, melting into the background while remaining an essential design feature.

Ultra-tough and resistant to scratches, stains and abrasions, a Dekton dining table from Mac&Wood makes a confident statement of longevity, a promise that will stand the test of time. The material is formed by compressing small particles into one durable block, a solid mass that can withstand fire and heat without cracking or burning. Thanks to the resilience of this material, you don’t have to worry about the colour fading due to UV exposure. You’ll soon see that this is not merely a quick design choice but also a lifestyle statement: Dekton is made to last. Over time, your dining table will become a time capsule for your treasured memories, a place that is always there for you and your loved ones, day after day.

Our devotion to the diamond qualities of strength, perfection and excellence sets us apart from other bespoke furniture companies. Every table that we create is designed to be part of your home for generations. That’s why Dekton dining tables from Mac&Wood are truly made for life.

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