Our furniture finishes

All designs are available in any of our materials including Reclaimed Wood, Ash, Oak, Copper, Zinc, Dekton and Steel

Unique-looking, hard-wearing. It’s the perfect finish.

They say that fashion changes while style endures. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why our furniture finishes are imbued with style, from our rustically warm woods, to our arresting metals, to our achingly elegant Dekton. Simplicity, elegance, a hint of drama – our finishes are the very definition of taste.

But the secret to true style is this: it’s nothing without substance. When it comes to furniture, substance means refusing to settle for less than the highest quality materials. All our finishes are built from incredibly tough materials that are designed to endure. Naturally sturdy – and, in some cases, artificially made even stronger – they can stand up to stains, scratches, bumps, nicks, spills, even burns. Anything the family can throw at them, in other words.

There’s the versatile Dekton, created using technology which duplicates the metamorphosis in stone that produces diamonds. Actually, they’re even harder than diamonds. Not even your best kitchen knife will damage it, and with a unique porous surface, they’re conveniently easy to clean. They can be patterned to resemble an elegant marble, or given various patina detailing effects. Your Dekton patina can look like flowing, navy-blue sand dunes. The options are astounding.

Then there’s the metals. Being, well, metal, both options are tougher than Thor’s hammer. The main difference lies in how they look and feel. Our copper table tops are striking at least. At most, you may need sunglasses for very bright weather. They’re an astonishing, bold statement in your home or office; available in an audacious natural copper, an aged or distressed patina where the colours dance between gold and dark, or a stately bronzed finish. Our zinc table tops are almost the diametric opposite. Whereas the copper is bright and bold, the zinc is cool, intense and elusive. Available in a natural zinc finish or a light zinc patina which looks almost marbled, the colours meld between several beautiful shades of silver, and in some light can reach violets and blacks.

Finally, there’s the woods. Warm, rustic, simple. Each with its own personality, expressed through a unique pattern of grain and knot. Each a living, breathing design. And, of course, all of them extremely strong. Like our other finishes, are wood table tops are designed to withstand all sorts of wear and tear. They’re our most popular choice for families, and they were created to endure everything a growing family can do to a beloved dinner table. They’re available in three materials – reclaimed wood, ash and character oak – and in various shades from natural to dark wood to grey.